Best in the World, MFC!

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MFC founded in 2008 in Korea,

is a fast growing pharmaceutical company specialized in pharmaceutical R&D, APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates, Pd catalyst and custom manufacturing services.

MFC always pay high attention to the Quality for our products that all the production of the products are processed under the standards of GMP.

Independent QA & QC properly guarantee the execution and operation of GMP Quality system.

And with tenet of “Quality First and Customer Supreme” we will continue to forge ahead and strive hard for excellence to satisfy increasing demand of the clients.

본사| 경기도 화성시 마도면 청원산단7길 35   Tel. 031-8059-8293    Fax. 031-8059-8295 

서울사무소 경기 과천시 과천대로7길 33 디테크타워  A동 1509호    Tel. 02-533-8293    Fax. 02-533-8297 

의약·소재 R&D센터 경기 과천시 과천대로7길 33 디테크타워  A동 1510호